Winter Açai Chia-Oats

Another collaboration with Georgie Holt’s blog HyggeUK creating all recipes cosy, delicious and made to fuel a healthy lifestyle.


If there’s one super-snack we can’t get enough of it’s Abakus’ jujube fruit. Also known as the ‘red date’, jujubes are mostly eaten dried with a soft, chewy texture and have a naturally sweet, aromatic flavour.

 Jujube fruit makes for a tasty snack or breakfast topper with added nutrients: flavonoids, phenols and antioxidants and 20x more Vitamin C than citrus fruits. It is also dense in Manganese and Iron.

Check out the simple recipe below for a new way to start your day.



100g Boa Vida Açai Purée

5 tbsp Chia Seeds

One cup Oat Milk (we used Oatly)

Pure Maple Syrup to taste



Nut Butter (we used Pip & Nut’s Cacao Hazelnut butter)

Granola (we used Planet Organic’s Ancient Grains)

Cacao Nibs

Cracked Salt (to taste)



  1. Take one açai pack from the freezer, run under the tap for 10 seconds and leave to thaw
  2. Mix one cup of oat milk with 5 tbsp of chia seeds
  3. Add the açai purée (approx 50ml)
  4. Add pure maple syrup to taste
  5. Leave to develop for roughly 1 hour (best to prep and leave in the fridge the night before!)
  6. Adding toppings above for delicious crunchiness


TIP: Enjoy the açai-chia pudding on it’s own, or serve with a side of warm oats. We mixed organic oats with Form Nutrition’s vegan chocolate protein powder.


To speed up the thawing process, run the pack under water for 10 seconds and set aside.

Photography & Food Styling : Georgie Holt.