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Boa Vida's pure organic açai is the real deal. Produced in the Brazilian Amazon, Boa our açai contains the highest level of solids (15.5%), owing to the fruits' unique and intense purple colour and creamy rich texture.

A natural high, his superfood is full of omega fatty acids, skin & health promoting antioxidants and dietary fibre. We do not add sweetener, our products naturally contain ZERO SUGAR!! 

Açai has a neutral flavour, somewhere in between cacao and mulberry. Açai is the most versatile of all Amazon superfoods; pair with either sweet or savoury ingredients... coconut, banana, oats, fried fish, ceviche or even use in a vinaigrette... açai will work with almost anything. 

FLASH-FROZEN = easier to stock up on nutritional supplies that taste as good as the day they were created... also reducing food waste guaranteeing a longer shelf life.
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Organic açai berries, filtered water, less than 0.2% organic citric acid
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Our original, pure organic açai is the real deal. Produced at the source in the Brazilian Amazon, Boa Vida Açai contains the highest level of açai solids (15.5%), lending to the fruits' exquisite dark purple colour and creamy texture (high in omega fats & antioxidants, specifically anthocyanin!).