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How do you pronounce açaí?

There are a number of variations but we prefer to say it the native way: ah-sah-eee

What is the difference between Açai Drops and Açai Packs?

The product is exactly the same - as in they have the same ingredients and share the same specification. The only difference is the packaging! Açai drops were introduced  by Boa Vida in June 2022 with the intention to reduce plastic waste and make life a little bit easier! Simply grab a handful of bite-sized açai drops out of the bag as you prepare your meal/drink. The 100g açai packs work well for those who do not eat açau as often, but enjoy the process of breaking up an individual pack for specific recipes. 

Tip* - let the açai (Drops or Packs) soften for 10-15 minutes before blending as they can be quite tough on the blender jug! Of course, softening time depends on room temperature - don't let them melt all the way as you'll lose the creamy consistency from blending whilst still frozen! 

How much does delivery cost?

Standard 1-2 days: £8.50

Large/Express: £20.23

Please note - For all frozen deliveries please make sure you are at home to collect the order; it is up to you to make sure the açai is put in the freezer as soon as possible. We will not be able to issue refunds if the package is left unattended after delivery.

What do I do if I’m not going to be in?

Please let us know when you place an order if you will not be at home to receive it on any certain day and we will ensure your package arrives on a convenient day for you. It is your responsibility to ensure the açai is put in the freezer as soon as possible and we cannot offer refunds for product defrosting on the doorstep. However, the insulated packaging and dry ice should protect from defrosting for a number of hours, but under no guarantee as it largely depends on the general temperature and length of time left out. DHL will send you a notification as soon as your order is out for delivery and you will have the option to leave your package in a safe place or with a neighbour.

How much açai should I buy?

We recommend 3kg if you just want a supply for the occasional smoothie/bowl. 3kg = 15 smoothie bowls if using our classic recipe with 200g açai per bowl. 

Buy 6kg if you have the storage space and know you're going through a lot of açai in your daily smoothie regime! 

How much space will 3kg of açai puree take up in my freezer?

Açai drops are packed in large bags of 3kg, about the size of an ice bag. The bag can be folded and fits well into any small freezer drawer (so long as the drawer is more or less empty). 

The individual packs are easy to store as you can distribute in different compartments, but generally the full 30x100g will fill half a freezer drawer.

How long do I have to wait for my delivery?

We deliver Tuesday to Friday, so you’ll only ever have to wait up to 4 days* after placing an order. The usual wait time is 1-2 days. 

*As long as we have stock :) 

How do I store açai?

Keep açai frozen. It has a 2 year shelf-life from production if kept at -18C (the standard for a domestic freezer).

Consume frozen or defrosted. 

If you defrost açai and do not consume right away, do not refreeze! Refrigerate and consume açai juice within 24 hours. Melted açai will undergo natural colour and texture changes. 

I have a café / restaurant / store - do you supply açai for wholesale?

Yes we do - please contact us via our contact form here. Look forward to chatting with you on how we can introduce Boa Vida açai to your business. 

What is açai puree?

It is pure açai pulp juiced from the famous rainforest 'drupe' (often mistaken for a berry), which is found on palm trees in Central and South America - particularly the Amazon Rainforest.  There is also a little filtered water added, just enough to extract the açai pulp from the stone and allow the açai puree to flow through the pasteurisation process. Açai looks like a blackberry, but the fruit itself is in fact dense and the majority of its composition consists of a big stone (up to 95% of the total!). All açai pulp is extracted from the stones using a process of friction and water, thus the little coating of purple skin (açai pulp) is shredded from the stone and pulled through the extraction machine assisted by water. This is how pure unsweetened açai puree is made in the majority of outlets processing the fruit. 

Maintaining a high concentration of açai fruit (solids) is our benchmark for premium quality which is why we have always specified a percentage minimum of 15%  for top nutritional benefits, richer taste, deeper colour and creaminess! There is also a small amount of citric acid (<0.2%) to help maintain the colour and flavour during the transportation of this extremely delicate fruit. If the açai berries collected from the tree are not processed within 24 hours of harvest, they begin to spoil. The pulp/juice should also be consumed within 24 hours once frozen. 

Who is the delivery made with?

Your açai package is carefully managed by our contracted D2C co-packers who work with DHL for all of our deliveries, operating on a carbon neutral next-day delivery service. 

How is the açai kept frozen during delivery?

The frozen açai packs are placed inside an insulated box (wool liners that are fully compostable) plus dry-ice to ensure the açai reaches you frozen between collection and delivery (up to 24 hours). There are waste instructions on all packaging indicating how to recycle. 

How do I eat açai?

There are many ways to eat açai, such as a breakfast smoothie bowl, a dressing or sauce, a mousse, a syrup or a juice drink. We are the pioneers of what can be achieved with the most versatile superfood on the planet - we can't wait to see what you come up with! Please see our recipe page for some inspiration! Be sure to blend well and eat with good friends and in times of great need.

However you choose to make açai, the way in which you eat it is what makes all the difference. Açai is best enjoyed with a 20 minute break, away from work and screen-time to simply enjoy the moment. Savour every bite, imagine you have travelled to eat it fresh in the rainforest and feel the nutritional benefits working for your body. This moment is yours - take it!

How is açai prepared?

The best way to prepare açai is to blend the pure / unsweetened frozen açai in small chunks with other ingredient(s) which are high in oils, fats or natural sugars (e.g. coconut and other nut milks). The reason being is that açai and water molecules (present in the puree) naturally separate when frozen causing a separation of water crystals and aça particles. The crystals can taste grainy and icy. However, the ingredients mentioned naturally emulsify the water and açai particles when blended, meaning they bind together into one single molecule making a smooth, glossy texture, nicely balancing those delicious unique flavours on your palate.

What is the flavour of pure / unsweetened açai?

Açai is naturally an earthy-tasting and oftentimes bitter fruit. The raw fruit gives a hint of red berries with an earthy and bitter undertone but has a rich, creamy and decadent texture once juiced. The flavour profile is very similar to cacao (the raw ingredient used to blend chocolate) which is why it mixes particularly well with sweet ingredients that embellish and compliment the natural flavour of açai. If you have a sweet tooth, we recommend blending açai with banana, honey, or agave. For those supertasters, who enjoy a black cup of coffee, dark chocolate and a robust red wine, try it pure & natural (maybe with a bit of nut milk to help emulsify the texture) and build on the flavour with other ingredients. See our recipe page for a little inspiration!