In Nature We Thrive

Why We're Here

Boa Vida advocates consumption with purpose and operates as a small-batch, quality-controlled production, with transparent supply chains.

Our açai is produced using traditional methods which maintains the natural biodiversity of the forest, promoting nutrient-rich soil whilst protecting the diverse ecosystem within the Amazon rainforest.

All of our products are organic-certified, sustainably and ethically produced at the source and crafted without compromise.

In 2015 we discovered the original, Amazonian Açaí for the first time. Served at room temperature alongside fish and rice, pure açaí was love at first bite.

Since then, we like açai pure, thick and full of flavour, just like the natives. We want you to experience the real thing and nothing less. If it grew in the wild and is “muito preto” it’s in! We don’t dilute our açai with sugar syrups or concentrated juices and we don’t add emulsifiers - essentially, we won’t say it’s super if it’s not.

To ensure the absolute best açai in nutrition and taste, we craft our all products with natural ingredients you can find in the forest.

A superfood that’s really worthy of its title - why something so perfect?

Boa Vida believes nature can thrive as a result of an enhanced human experience. May we unite in this mission and lead the way for a greener, fairer future.