Why We're Here

Boa Vida (‘good life’) is an advocate for consumption with purpose and sources açai directly from sustainably managed wild açai groves surrounding the Amazon river basin. Using traditional harvesting techniques helps to maintain the natural biodiversity of the forest, maintains a higher quality soil and ensures the sustainability of a diverse ecosystem within the Amazon rainforest.

We like our açai pure, just like the natives. We want you to experience the real thing and nothing less. If it grew in the wild and is “muito preto” it’s in! We don’t dilute our açai with sugar syrups or concentrated juices and we’ll never say it’s healthy if it’s not. To ensure the absolute best açai in nutrition and taste, we craft our all products using natural ingredients and free of unnecessary additives. Why change something so perfect?

Boa Vida celebrates the curious and the diverse. The passion-driven, the daring and the dreamers. The ones with a story to tell, the ones with no fear in their hearts. To 'live the Boa Vida' is to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.