The Perfect Bowl

This is our favourite way to enjoy Boa Vida Açai


Base ingredients:

200g frozen acai

70ml nut or oat milk

1/2 medium frozen banana  or 1 small






  1. Run the frozen açai packs under water for 10 seconds to start that thawing process. Set aside for a few minutes. Don’t allow to thaw completely.
  2. Add liquid to a high speed blender then add banana.
  3. Cut açai packs in half (along dotted line) and break up into small chunks into the blender.
  4. Blend for 10 seconds and stop. Bash the mix, especially the açai blocks, with a wooden spoon. Blend again. Repeat process until thick, gelato-like consistency is achieved.
  5. Serve cold with toppings, i.e. fresh berries, granola, mixed seeds, nuts, dates, banana, coconut chips (toasted are best, bee pollen, nut butter and/or honey.

  • • Go easy on the liquid. Especially if açai has melted. Key to a thick creamy consistency is less liquid and allowing those healthy fats to separate & icy chunks to thaw/blend.
  • • Once thawed, consume açai within 24hrs.
  • •  We always recommend making an açai bowl with frozen açai. Preparing açai bowls with frozen açai helps to achieve a better consistently over all. Frozen banana helps too!
  • • A Thermomix is great for pre-blending açai; make the mix ahead of a busy period and store in the fridge ready to be served.
  • • Thawing time: 25-30 mins at room temp.
  • • Store frozen at -18C.



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