Chocolate-Açaí Dessert 

Will Barber @ 2022-01-24 00:04:31 UTC

Prepare to break up with Ben & Jerry after trying our favourite Amazonian combination - cacao & açaí 🤎 The answer to dive indulgence without compromise to your health! Ingredients: 2 packs (200g) of frozen açaí (broken into chunks) 2 frozen bananas, sliced & diced 100 ml oat or cashew milk (barista version is best) 3 tsp organic cacao powder (or more to make it more chocolate-y) Suggested toppings: cacao nibs, nuts, banana or raspberries Method  Blend together all non-açaí ingredients to make a smooth base. Add the açaí and blend again. Pour into a bowl and your preferred toppings;...