No Banana Açai Bowl

If there’s one thing that really gets to us, it’s bad açai consistency. We’ve done our homework and even the fanciest cafés will serve up a soup-like dish, drowning the extra special toppings you so carefully selected.  Nope, sorry that just isn’t an açai bowl to us.

What you want is an ice-cream / yogurt-like texture, smooth, creamy and can support a mountain of chia seeds if you so desired.

Because our açai is of the highest grade available, every frozen pack is full of creamy omega fats (like an avocado) which will give you that insane creamy texture every time. We don’t dilute our açai with water or any other ingredients that would affect it’s naturally smooth texture. Açai powder just won’t do either – you’ll have to mix it with a lot of other ingredients and compromise nutrition and taste!

So first, you’ve go to get your hands on our premium, organic frozen açai puree to get the perfect base.




  • 200g / 2 packs Boa Vida Pure Açaí
    60ml organic cashew or unsweetened almond milk
    1 tablespoon soaked chia seeds

    (optional) 1/2 tablespoon organic peanut butter – we like Meridian Smooth PB



  1. Run the açai packs under warm water to slightly soften


2. Break the block up a little whilst still in the pack

3. Slice the pack in half with a sharp knife

4. Add all ingredients to blender – we recommend VitaMix

5. Beat and blend with manual tamper until creamy

6. Spoon out into bowl, add your favourite toppings or enjoy it simply as is!