Festive Açai-Coconut Parfait

Too early to be planning Christmas dinner? Or just fancy a change to the standard açai bowl?
Perhaps it’s time to start experimenting with this refreshing and delectable açai parfait. Boa Vida Açai purée layered between clouds of Coconut Collab natural coconut yoghurt, glazed turmeric orange granola by Superfoodio (or you can make your own), nut butter, coconut chips and heavenly fresh figs – sliced, diced, any way you like. A sprinkle of cinnamon and voila – a new festive fave!
100g of Boa Vida Açai (slightly thawed)
1 ripe banana
100ml of rice milk
120g pot of Coconut Collab Natural Coconut Yoghurt


Sliced black Brazilian figs

Pip & Nut cacao hazelnut butter

Superfoodie turmeric and orange granola

Cacao nibs

Coconut Chips


1. Run the açai under the tap for 5 seconds and set aside to thaw a little.

2. Slice the pack into 5/6 pieces with a sharp knife so it’s easy to blend
3. Add the banana, açai and milk to the blender
4. Blend until an ice cream-like texture forms
5. Spoon out into a tall glass until an inch thick, follow with coconut yoghurt an inch thick, and continue until you reach desired level of deliciousness
6. Sprinkle your choice of toppings
A collaboration with Georgie Holt’s blog @HyggeUK creating all recipes cosy, delicious and made to fuel your active lifestyle.