Pineapple Spiced Açai Chutney

What goes really well with pure açai? Lemon/lime and ginger! Açaí loves citric and spice. A little of each, plus salt & pepper completely transcends the taste of açai back to the roots of the Amazon.

Try our favourite açai chutney, with salad,  summer rolls, crackers and crudities.


Prepare in separate dishes:

* 200g pure, unsweetened açai – thaw at room temperature or in a pan on *low* heat

* 100ml coconut oil
* 1/2 red onion sliced
* 1/2 cm ginger sliced
* 1 garlic clove diced
* 1tsp salt & pepper

* 40ml red wine vinegar
* 50ml agave
* 25ml lime juice
* 1/2 chilli pepper
* 250g pineapple diced



1. Start with heating coconut oil in a large pan with garlic and onion


2. Add chilli, lime juice and agave


3. Mix in the pineapple


4. Add red wine vinegar and açaí purée


5. Stir and simmer


6. Finally add salt and pepper to taste


7. Blend the chutney with a hand blender – keep it nice and chunky – not purified

8. Serve in a small dish and enjoy along side salad, in rice paper rolls, in a sandwich or with crackers and crudities ?


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